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The International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association is a non-governmental organization founded in 1926 representing the freight forwarding industry worldwide.

FIATA has three main divisions, called institutes, covering air freight, customs facilitation and multimodal transport. Each has its own advisory body and working groups. In addition it has created the following documents to establish a uniform worldwide standard for freight forwarders:


Ethiopian Freight Forwarders and Shipping Agents Association (EFFSAA) is a strong national association of professional logisticians striving since 1998 G.C, to achieve change in the sector of freight forwarding and shipping in Ethiopia.

Formed by a group of logistics professionals, EFFSAA aims to enhance the sector to have more power and voice.



CPN is a dynamic global freight network consisting of
independently owned international Freight Forwarding
companies. CPN was established in 1996 and currently
has more than 100 members worldwide.

Members support each other in business and are
regulated by the CPN Code of Ethics and Bylaws.


Emerge is the African Logistics Alliance that aims to connect all the best freight forwarders from all over the world to the African region into one common & secured business development platform. With Emerge, we bring you knew connections that will open new volume traffic, trade routes and develop more business opportunities together.


AACCSA is the oldest, largest and strongest
Chamber in Ethiopia, representing a wide Spectrum of businesses based in Addis Ababa which constitute more than 60% of all Businesses operating in
the country. Being a member of the World Chambers Federation, AACCSA also has a prominent place in the international network of chambers.

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